Aegis Security Forces (ASF): Security Service Company

AEGIS employed disciplined and well-trained security personnel to provide proper security. Aegis’ superior services have made it reliable for 23 years.
Our security personnel stands out in Bangladesh for its discretion, professionalism, conflict resolution, and level-headedness.

Our competent management, 24/7 Control Room, support, and emergency response team ensure client satisfaction. Our company commitment to training and technology protects our services.

As a permanent member of the Bangladesh Private Security Services Providers Association (BPSSPA), AEGIS has worked with reputable charities.
SMS alert service and wireless communication coverage are available during crises.

Best security force company ASF’s dedicated and trained employees ensure safety and proudly facilitate corporate activities. Our personnel are trained in electrical and mechanical tool safety, conflict management, calming unpleasant circumstances, etc.

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Security Service Company : Why chosen ASF ?

  • We strictly follow the labor law of Bangladesh.
  • Fully facilitated training centre at Ashulia (21 Acre) and Pabna (05 Acre).
  • Longest training period (28 days) for security personnel in Bangladesh & we have highly professional trainers in our training centres.
  • All of our security personnel are police verified.
  • All security personnel get their monthly salary within 1st day of the month.
  • Employees are motivated as they are entitled with Provident Fund as per provision of labor law.
  • All employees of Aegis are entitled with Gratuity. The amount of gratuity is calculated multiplied by 1.5 for employees serving above 10 years.
  • Security personnel are also entitled with yearly profit share.
  • We issue uniforms (include the ing seasonal attire) to security personnel of Aegis, which is free of cost for individual.
  • Aegis arranges full free accommodation facility along with necessary utility support for all the security personnel.
  • Employees are entitled with Festival Bonus for two major festivals.
  • Employees are facilitated with yearly incentive bonus.
  • Promotion process & declaration of promotion are ensured by 1st day of the year.
  • All security personnel are under the coverage of group term insurance
  • Security posts are under the coverage of liability insurance.
  • We provide 50% subsidy at SQUARE Hospitals treatment for self and family member (spouse, parents, children up to 21 years). All employees are facilitated up to 25% discount offer on purchase of all products from Square Pharmaceuticals.
  • Security personnel ae entitled to purchase Square products at a discounted rate.
  • We ensure systematic recruitment & selection procedure for employees throughout Bangladesh.
  • All security personnel are qualified in unarmed combat, firefighting & work oriented training curriculum
  • We arrange maximum number of skill development training for all security personnel throughout the year.
  • For assurance of quality service, we maintain systematic approach:

Features of Aegis Security Force (ASF)

  1. Guards are highly security trained for 28 days.
  2. Quality training on:
    • Role of the guards
    • Conduct (ethics, honesty and professionalism)
    • UN regulations for access control
    • Types of threats they may face and actions on that
    • Vehicle inspections
    • Crowd control
    • Building evacuation
    • Bomb threat/IED threat
    • Theft/Burglary/Armed robbery
    • Access control (Archway door, luggage scanner, hand-held metal detector, Scanning, Body searching, Parcel checking, plus information on the specific site such as visitor control measures, etc.)
    • Basic guard duties: Denial of access to unauthorised persons, maintenance of logs, restraint of disorderly person etc.
    • Review of post-orders
    • Basic first-aid training
    • Hostile surveillance and reconnaissance detection (as needed)
    • Self Defence
    • Firefighting
    • Incident Handling
    • Basic Computer Operations
    • Surveillance/CCTV Operations
    • Use of Communications tools like HF/VHF Radio
    • Use of Security Equipment like Baggage Scanner, Metal Arch door, Metal Detector etc.
    • Reception Service Operations etc.

Security guard training requirements:

Effective training is required to ensure the perceived task of a security guard. The following items are covered in our effective training module:

    • Physical Training (Drill)
    • The basic concept on service
    •  System of customer care and development
    • Basic skills of service
    •  Sending information
    •  Leadership qualities, including customs and etiquette
    •  Essential spoken English and presentable expression
    •  Administrative knowledge and management procedures
    • Crisis management, disciplinary action and reporting system
    • Physical activities