K-9 Dog Squad: Aegis Security Force (ASF)

The present dog squad (K-9) of AEGIS comprises nine well-trained German Shepherd dogs. Ex-dog trainers from Remount, Veterinary, and Farms Corps (RVFC) of Bangladesh Army are detailed to handle the dogs for ensuring appropriate training.


K-9 :  Dog Squad

  • Detecting explosives and drugs
  • To perform the task of security checks at different national and international event venues

K-9: Dog Squad Training

The training of the dog starts at the age of six to nine months. The following is the type of training for K–9:

  • Tracker Dog Training
  • Explosives Detection Dog Training
  • Narcotics Detection Dog Training
  • Search Dog Training
  • Guard Dog Training
  • Dogs and handlers are imparted training in disciplines as specified and demanded as per the requirements of their respective departments.
  • The training period can be extended (minimum 12 weeks) if the performance of the dog and/or handler is not found satisfactory at any stage during the course.
  • The inclusion of AEGIS Dog Squad (K-9) has added dimension to ensure absolute security in public events