Security Guard Training Photo Gallery

Security guard training activities in Aegis is essential for anyone who wants to work in security force field. It teaches a security force to protect people and property. One of the best ways to learn about security guard training is to see it in action. From recruitment, an Aegis security force goes through rigorous testing process like preliminary screening, physical fitness, health condition, interview and written test.

Evaluation Criteria of Security Personnel

  • Minimum education criteria
  • Good medical & physical fitness certified by a medical doctor
  • Good understanding of basic safety and security system
  • Reading, writing and basic computer knowledge
  • Formal training in security
  • Police clearance/ police verification

Stages of security guard training course:

A trainee security guard goes through 4 weeks of security training(if require upto 5 weeks).The training course is divided into 4th phase.

  • 1st Phase- Initial Training
  • 2nd Phase Basic Training
  • 3rd Phase Specialized Training
  • 4th Phase Capsule Training

Security guard training curriculum:

The training syllabus is based on work pattern orientation.

  • Physical fitness training and drilling
  • Karate/ self-defense training
  • Organizational behavior and communication skill
  • Basic and advanced knowledge on security service
  • Training on security equipment
  • Firefighting training
  • VIP escort training

Here are some of the activities of the best security guard training center captured in photos:

  • Fire training: Every security guards may need to gain complete knowledge how to use fire suppression equipment. Additionally, Aegis Security Forces works as a fire fighter in case of fire incident. So, they will need to receive training on how to use fire safety extinguisher safely and responsibly. This training includes learning about the different types of fire detection equipment.
  • Passing Out training: The final stage of training for recruits in the military or other uniformed services. It is a demanding program that tests the recruits’ physical and mental fitness, as well as their knowledge and skills.
  • Martial arts training: Many security guards receive karate training. This training helps them learn how to defend themselves and others in a physical attack.
  • TC : From this training, a security guard gets full concept about security guard law, Physical security procedures, Customer service, Conflict resolution, Emergency response etc.