Message From Founder Chairman Samson H. Chowdhury

The things we hold dear need to be protected and cared for. But finding someone worthy enough to ensure the security of the fruits of our hard work, and indeed, our very lives, can be difficult. That’s where Aegis comes in.

Aegis offers top-notch security solutions and services in accordance with clients’ needs. Aegis’ services are offered nationwide, so you can rest assured that Aegis will be there for you, no matter where you are.

Message From Chairman Samauel S Chowdhury

At Aegis, we firmly believe that safeguarding an organization’s manpower, assets, and information is an essential strategic requirement for successful business operations. It is necessary to manage risks effectively, prevent losses, maintain business continuity, uphold its reputation, comply with regulations, and create a secure environment favorable to productivity and success. That is why we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of service excellence, professionalism, and integrity. It is our privilege to serve you, and we look forward to further enhancing our partnership to ensure your safety and success.

Message From Managing Director Anjan Chowdhury

Since our inception on 1st March 1999, Aegis has been dedicated to providing impregnable protection and shielding your interests from security threats. With over 7000 dedicated and trained members, we strive to create a safe and secure environment for the smooth execution of key activities, proudly facilitating your business processes. As a trusted security partner, we continuously invest in the training and development of our personnel to adapt to the evolving security landscape. By leveraging our expertise and leveraging advanced technologies, we are dedicated to offering the most effective solutions for all the security needs.

Enhance Your Safety with Reliable- Top Security Company in Bangladesh

Aegis is the best security company in Bangladesh listed in Bangladesh Private Security Services Providers Association- (BPSSPA) . The highlighted part showcases our unwavering confidence and expertise that have emerged from the organization’s journey as a leading security provider in the country. Our mission is to set new standards by achieving and envisioning the future and becoming a trusted name in the security services industry in Bangladesh. Aegis has also been providing housekeeping and pest control services since 2007. Building automation systems were introduced in 2008, and event security management and facility management services in 2014.

 Services we offer

As the top security guard or force and security equipment provider in BD, excellence sets us apart. Our cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology with highly trained professional security guard services along with security equipment established us as a top security company in Bangladesh. 

AEGIS’ means impregnable protection or shield. We ensure clients’ safety.

we have completed more than 1000+ projects. We offer- latest security solutions with systems to keep safe.

Our Housekeeper will clean the premises as per the need of the clients.

We are specialized on Pest Control techniques to protect the corporate and household environment.

Facility Management Services In Bangladesh

Facilities management ensure the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of buildings and grounds, infrastructure, and real estate.

Event Security Management Company Bangladesh

Our experts are prepared with planning, coordination & logistical support to manage an event.

top security company in bangladesh-Aegis Security Force





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This is to certify that Aegis Services Limited, A concern of SQUARE Group, has been working with us since 2014.
They are providing security services to Aarong installation like Aarong Centre as well as Aarong Dhanmondi, Banani.
Bashabo and Gulshan outlets.

At present 04 Supervisors & 74 Security Guards (Male & Female) are engaged in different Aarong outlets.
So far we have found Aegis is dependable and trustworthy They are professional and providing security services as per service agreement efficiently.
We wish their continuous success in this regard.

Mohammad Anisul Haque
Security & Maintenance
BRAC- Aarong

This is to certify that Aegis Services limited, a concern of SQUARE Group, has been working with us since 1 March 2019.
They are dependable and trustworthy and doing job as per the Service agreement efficiently.

We wish their continuous success in this regards.

Md Arfatuzzaman
Coordinator-Finance and Administration
Rohingya Response, AAB

This is to certify that Aegis Services Limited, a concern of SQUARE Group has been providing us the required Security
Service at our office since 14 December 2014

We are satisfied with the quality of service they have been providing for us.
For any further query on this, you are welcomed to contact us during office hours.

Kalyan Mitra Chakma
Sr. Manager – Factory HR & Admin
Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd.

I am satisfied with their responsibilities and duties.

Md. Sakayet Hossain
Asst. Manager(HR & Admin)
United Dhaka Tobacco Company Ltd

We Are Happy For Your Service

Md. Masud Rana
Manager(HR & Compliance)
Ultimate Fashion Ltd.

We found AEGIS very responsive not only in emergency but also during any special support as demanded

Muhammad Reza
Manager (Admin & Security)
Designer Fashion Ltd.

AEGIS is our Security Service provider since July 2018. We found AEGIS is dependable and trustworthy.
They are professional and providing security service as per service agreement efficiently. Wishing them continuous success in this regards.

David Probin Rozario
Manager (General Support Service)
Practical Action

AEGIS and his staff have served our company with high level of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Md. Razibul Hasan
Norwest Industries Ltd

We are highly satisfied with their commendable services, professionalism, approach and quick response to any incident.

Major (Retd) Masum Billah
Assistant General Manager
HR & Admin
SQUARE Textile Ltd.

We can always rely on their services because of their service excellence

Tofael Ahmed
Deputy General Manager
HR & Admin
Eastern Housing Limited