Event Security, Executive Protection & Escort Service & Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Event Security:

Aegis services Limited provided wide range of service under event security management. Our specially trained security team can provide expert crowed management.

  • Various security equipment is used by our team for screening and access control system.
  • We also provide brand promoters and artist management team, escort service for VIP protection and on site patrolling service.
  • For screening the event venue and safe access control we provide Dog Squad Service (K-9).

Our EVENT SECURITY MANAGEMENT (ESM) has made many of our clients satisfied & successful for completing their events. We have enriched our team with “Well Trained Traffic Control Unit”, equipped with Signal Lights, Whistles & Megaphones to redirect the vehicles at the venue to avoid any congestion. We have skilled male & female security guards to secure the event by checking the visitors & audience through “Archway Metal Detector” as well as “Hand-held Metal Detector”. Strong “Wireless Communication Network & Devices” make us connected to manage the large number of management team. Our expert engineering team ensures the CCTV surveillance to work properly & the keen eyes of CCTV specialists keep the security measurements in front of the line. We also cover up the “Fire Fighting” & “First Aid” facility to ensure the safety of events, its’ organizers & audiences. All of our department works together to serve the event & make it successful.

Executive Protection & Escort Service

Aegis arrange unarmed personalized protection for our valuable clients all over Bangladesh. We provide Firefighting and First Aid qualified Executive Protection Officer who is comfortable to communicate with foreigner.
We also provide vehicle escort along with hooter and siren for our clients. Aegis vehicle with hooter and siren. Our experience escort team consist of 01 Security Officer, 01 Supervisor and 04 Security Guard. Fire extinguisher and first aid box along with them. All the member of the team is Firefighting, First aid qualified.

Our executive protection team works diligently to help keep any at-risk person out of harm’s way. Trained in all types of pro-active protection procedures, our security team can recognize, evaluate and neutralize potential threats before they become serious problems. Discretion, professionalism, conflict resolution and above all level-headed judgment help to distinguish our security team from other security agencies in the area.

When choosing from the available executive protection companies, wouldn’t it be nice to know you are going to have professionally trained individuals looking out for your security and well-being? That is exactly what AEGIS has to offer. Our security specialists will focus on preventing a situation from escalating. If the situation escalates to a level where there isn’t any other choice than to use force to protect lives, our guards know how to react and only use force when absolutely necessary.

Some of the places where our executive security services are beneficial include:

  • Hostile terminations or downsizings
  • Union disputes
  • Physical threats
  • International or national travel
  • Board or shareholder meetings
  • Speaking engagements or personal appearances

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

An Emergency Response Team (ERT), originally intended to evacuate employees and to fight fires. AEGIS incident response team or emergency response team (ERT) is a group of people (number of guards, supervisor, and security officer and executive according to situation) who used to be prepared for and respond to any emergency incident, such as a natural disaster or an interruption of business operations. Our team is generally composed of specific members designated before an incident occurs, although under certain circumstances the team may be an ad hoc group from AEGIS. The number of personnel required to staff the Emergency Response Team will depend on the size and complexity of the incident.

AEGIS Emergency Response Team (ERT) comprises:

  • Composition of specific members
  • Dedicated Vehicle support
  • First aid support by team member

The first person on-scene will typically serve as individual decision maker to support the situation, until relieved by main team.
Responsibilities for the first person on-scene includes (not limited to):

  • Taking appropriate personal protective measures
  • Notifying Supervisory Personnel and/or Incident team leader of the incident
  • Advising personnel in the area of any potential threat and/or initiate evacuation procedures
  • Eliminate potential ignition sources

Supervisory Personnel responsibilities include (not limited to):

  • Initiate initial response actions if they are the first person on the scene ( mentioned above)
  • Restrict access to the incident scene and surrounding area as the situation demands Take any other steps necessary to minimize any threat to health and safety
  • Request medical assistance, if necessary
  • Identify and isolate source to minimize product loss/further harm
  • Coordinate further response actions with Incident Commander and local responders

The duties of each position may performed by team leader directly or delegated as the situation demands.

We provide emergency support for the instant need of the client. Requirement of Security Personnel depends on the nature of clients need. We can provide support inside Dhaka within 2 Hours and outside Dhaka will be 5 hours.