Intruder, GSM Home & Industrial Alarm System

Aegis provides Intruder Alarm Systems at the best affordable price. Depending on the Brand and feature of the Intruder Alarm System, we ensure your professional installation ion, after-sales service at a very reasonable price. We provide 100% genuineness of our products as supplied by the best Security product in Bangladesh.

We Install a wide range of Intruder alarm systems and troubleshoot issues with your home, office, Banks, Schools, factories, construction sides, and other industries. We cover the entire Bangladesh for designing, drawing, and installing intruder alarm systems. We also supply and install intruder alarm systems.

Intruder, GSM Home & Industrial Alarm System

 Intrusion Alarm System : The vital role

Germany Computer and Telecom Limited-(GCTL) believe that we can help to minimize internal security system. Just by choosing the right Intrusion Alarm System Setup.

Burglar alarm system

An intruder or burglar alarm system consists of a collection of devices designed to deter potential intruders and alert the owner or the observation station or center to any violations of the zones. These devices are typically installed in a larger facility. Based on possibilities and the requirements, it is sometimes a simple alarm system suitable for a protection of a more advanced structure, or even a home/apartment, which along with the fundamental functions will improve the life amenities of their users. The designer of the machine, usually the installation firm or the installer, may greatly help the investor or user (customer) to choose an optimal solution, based on the features of the facility and the client needs, also taking into account expansion options for the future. More advanced alarm systems may do functions like access control (motorized gates, electric strikes in wickets/doors), heat and lighting control, and many other activities of home/building automation. The port devices (manipulators) are contemporary keypads and touch panels, that beyond the aesthetic appearance and intuitive functionality have the ability to store maps of their facility to memory cards for simpler control of the all system, as well as (optionally) mobile phones or handhelds and Computer with dedicated programs and Internet connection.

What is Burglar alarm system?

Who has need GSM Burglar Alarm System?

Those who need a GSM Burglar alarm system have a home, office, school, building, or other property and have security problems can benefit from GSM Burglar Solutions. Currently, the security problem is organized group by group. With the use of the GSM Burglar Alarm System, you can prevent the biggest part of that from happening to your properties. For more security, why do not you choose to integrate our high-quality GSM Burglar Alarm system. This will give you an alarm if anybody tries to access your properties without permission.

Which Intrusion Alarm System fits a Home, Office, Bank, School, Factory, contraction Building, and Other Properties?

With a unique idea, any Home, Office, School, Factory, Constriction Building, and other Property is unique and has its own needs regarding a security system. In general, vary with the type of valuable assets determines the kind of Intrusion Alarm System solution your necessity.

Elements of Alarm System

  1. Alarm control unit/panel (switchboard)
  2. Keypads touch panels Sensors
  3. Magnetic sensors (reed switches)
  4. Input or output modules (Wireless controllers)
  5. GSM notification modules
  6. Signaling devices
  7. Micro-wave (MW)

Intruder Systems Installation :

Security is a concern for all spheres for everyone. The GCTL intends to ensure your property safety in all areas of your home, office, school, Building, and other properties to make you feel pleasant and increased productivity and efficiency. We install the Intruder Alarm system all over Bangladesh.

Benefits of Burglar alarm system Installation:

  1. Increases Security
  2. Reduce shrinkage
  3. Reduce hidden alarming
  4. Help to live torment free life
  5. Remote monitoring
  6. Increase your home’s value
  7. Reduce your insurance premiums

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