Housekeeping Services

Cleaning and maintaining a home or other residential or commercial property is referred to as housekeeping. Basic cleaning and tidying up to more thorough cleaning, maintenance, and organization are all examples of housekeeping services. The purpose of housekeeping services is to keep the cleanliness, orderliness, and maintenance of the property.

Our Housekeeping Solutions Commitments :

  • We will use modern and appropriate cleaning equipment.
  • We will provide adequate cleaning equipment
  • Standard uniform, PPE & others gears like safety goggles, hand gloves, boots, safety belt & helmet will be provided as per job nature.
  • All the equipment/tools will have life expiry limit.
We have over 1500+  well-trained and experienced cleaning staffs with modern machinery. Our experts have housekeeping chemical training. We use the cleaning equipment according to compliance. Service we offer-
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Housekeeping Services :Why chosen Us

  • Well-trained human resource.
  • Use of Modern Machinery.
  • Appropriate use of chemicals.
  • Customized Service.
  • Routine check-back system.
  • Compliance with All Govt. Regulation.

Importance of Housekeeping Sevice

Regular cleaning services, like weekly or monthly cleaning, can be offered, as well as on-demand for special occasions or events. Individuals, such as private cleaners, or expert cleaning firms can offer housekeeping services.

The advantages of housekeeping services are as follows:

Time savings
By allowing homeowners to delegate cleaning and maintenance tasks, housekeeping services can save them time and energy.

Better living conditions
Residents’ quality of life can be enhanced by a clean, well-maintained property.

Benefits to health
Regular cleaning can improve the quality of indoor air and lower the risk of allergies and illness.

Increased Efficiency
By ensuring that tasks are completed on a regular basis and that the property is kept organized and well-maintained, housekeeping services can help a property become more efficient.

Features of Our Chemicals, Tools & Equipment

  • Hygienic & germ free
  • Gentle for hands
  • Removes any dirt & greasy stains easily
  • Cleans fast without scratching/damaging
  • Use of tools, plants & equipment according to the situation

Training for Corporate Housekeepers

Aegis housekeepers are trained for one week. This duration is essential because a minimum amount of time is required to attain the expected level. The whole tenure of training has been organised in such a way that trainees learn their professional lessons in detail but under stress.

Training Objectives

    • Ensuring top-level cleaning qualities.
    • Develop a sense of responsibility in mind.
    • Building up personal and professional skills
    • Promoting high-end customer service.
    • Sustaining in emotional stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to avoid using harmful chemicals where possible. Moreover, do not use more chemicals than it is needed and out of date chemical ingredients. Following housekeeping chemicals used in hotels also. Here is the list of housekeeping chemicals used: Power Lemon, Metal Polish, Bio-citrus, Stere Mop, Vim Powder, Air Freshener, Chaka Washing Powder, Shakti Liquid Toilet cleaner, Savlon,Lemon Grass, Window shine( Glass Cleaning), Bleaching Powder, Vixol, Forward DC, Emaral, Teronova, Odonil
We use various local and international-branded equipment or tools, which are as follows: Spray Gun, Paint brush, Long Dust pen Set, Commode Brush, Scrapper, Tele plus, Musk, Dust control set, Mop Cloth, Gum Boot, Green Pad, Caution Sign, Hand Gloves, Hand Brush, mug, Bucket, Hand Dustpan, Water, Glass cleaning Set, Floor Squeegee Set, Broom of Flower and Stick, Scrubbing Pad, Scup Folding Set, Duster, Toilet Squeegee, Water High Pressure Machine, Janitorial Cart (Steel), Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner , Mop Bucket with Wringer, Floor Scrubbing Brush, Blower Machine, Floor Scrubber Machine, High jet machine, Industrial Vacuum machine, auto scribing machine, high quality vacuum machine for basement/car parking etc.