Scrubbing Services in BD, Polishing & Buffing Various Types of Floor

Scrubbing, polishing, and buffing are processes used to clean and maintain various types of floors, including softer flooring surfaces like carpets and rugs as well as harder flooring surfaces like tile, concrete, marble, and terrazzo.

With a professional finishing touch, client centric approach and customized support, we’ve established ourselves as a reliable scrubbing services in BD.


Scrubbing is the process of removing dirt, grime, and other buildups from the surface of the floor using a floor scrubber machine with rotating brushes or pads.


Polishing is the process of buffing and shining the floor with a machine that has a rotating pad or disk, frequently using a specialized polish or solution.


Usually, as the last step after polishing, buffing involves using a machine with a rotating pad to produce a high-gloss finish on the floor.

Depending on the type of floor and the desired level of cleaning and maintenance, one or more of these techniques may be used. To prevent damage, it’s crucial to adhere to the assembly specifications and use the right tools and products for each type of floor.

This service will help you to clean your Office, Hospital and also help to remove deep stains. Aegis will use effective chemicals that will wash your office/Hospital/Home smoothly and neatly.

Scrubbing, Polishing & Buffing Various Types of Floor

Scrubbing Services in BD :Features of our Chemicals, Tools & Equipment

  • Hygienic & Germ-free
  • Gentle for hands
  • Removes any dirt & greasy stains easily
  • Cleans fast without scratching/damaging
  • Use of tools, plants & equipment according to the situation.
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Scrubbing services in BD- Why Choose Us?

  • Well trained human resource
  • Use of Modern Machinery
  • Appropriate use of chemical
  • Customized Service
  • Routine check-back system
  • Compliance of All Govt. Regulation

Our experts uses Floor scrubbing machine, Gloves, Mop, Fresh towels (duster), Squeeze, Bucket, Hand brushes, Cleaning chemicals,  PPE

Benefits of cleaning service Scrubbing, polishing, and buffing

Scrubbing, polishing, and buffing in the method of floor cleaning are sequential processes in floor maintenance as they help to: 

  • Remove dirt, grime, and other impurities that can accumulate on the surface of the floor, making it look dull and stained.
  • Restore the shine and luster of the floor, making it look clean and attractive.
  • Protect the floor from damage caused by scratches, scuffs, and other abrasions.
  • Extend the lifespan of the floor and  your feet by preventing wear and tear.
  • These processes are essential to clean various types of floors, such as concrete, tile, stone, and wood. Accordingly, floor cleaning for commercial compounds maintains their best appearance and value