Dog Security Services Squad K-9

A security dog is also known as (a guard dog or patrol dog). AEGIS built its dog security services squad with German Shepherd dogs- the best guard dogs with dog security vest. Before entering service, they get special training. The supervisors of the security dog squad are Ex-dog trainers from Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps (RVFC) of the Bangladesh Army. Our trained dogs serve as members of the AEGIS Security Force.

We follow the latest training manual to maintain international standards. A trained dog helps to prevent sabotage by militants and terrorist activities. In other special drives(event security management), due to the lack of efficiency of human search, manual search, or device search, the AEGIS dog squad relieves you from a time-consuming process.

Additionally, security dogs help to complete the checklist in a bit of time. Using equipment to detect your target may show false readings. In that scenario, Canine security gives confidence in getting the exact location.

K-9 is dedicated to deploying –
  • Detecting explosives, drugs
  • To perform the task of security checks at different national and international event venues
dog security services Squad K-9

Best Dog Security Services in BD : Squad K-9 Training

The training of the dog starts at the age of six to nine months. The followings are the type of training for K-9:

  • Tracker Dog Training
  • Explosives Detection Dog Training
  • Narcotics Detection Dog Training
  • Search Dog Training
  • Guard Dog Training

Dogs and handlers are imparted training in disciplines as specified and demanded as per required by their respective departments. The training period can be extended (minimum 12 weeks) if the performance of the dog and/or handler is not found satisfactory at any stage during the course. Inclusion of AEGIS Dog Squad (K-9) has added dimension to ensure absolute security in public events

dog security services Squad K-9
Aegis K-9 Dog Squad

 Protection dog service: Why chosen ASF

As the right protection dog service provider we ensure that you get the best value for your requirement(peoples, families, and properties). Our experienced trainers have the knowledge to conduct a thorough assessment of your needs that suits for your lifestyle and requirements.

  • While in security dog training program, we choose the best protection dog breed  to use
  • Our guard dog security trainers trains dogs for crisis management, personal protection, home or business premise, and escort etc.
  • As a part of behind the scenes, training protection dogs includes continuous self development, socialization, environmental stability, agility, tracking, attack work and basic obedience.
  • Our qualified security canine goes through rigorous professional dog training and exercise with breeders or trainers for wellbeing.
  • Our private dog squad are trained to become socialized with other dogs, people, noises, places, floors .
  • We maintain highest level of standards
    • Level 1- bark and alert their owners to the presence of intruders,
    • Level 2- apprehend and subdue intruders or attackers,
    • Level 3-  apprehend attackers/intruders and subdue them until they are no longer a threat