Industrial Security Guard Services Bangladesh: Aegis Security Force (ASF)

Aegis has vast experience in providing security equipment  and security guard services for industrials- factories economic premises of Bangladesh. We maintain Comply with “Bangladesh Labour Law”. We have a specially trained security force for performing duties in different positions in reputed corporate locations. They are well-trained about securing industrial environment.

industrial security guard services bangladesh
  • Access Control
  • Fire Fighting & Rescue training
  • Traffic Marshalling
  • Parking Management
  • Information Security
  • First Aid Training
  • Unarmed combat
  • Customer Service and relationship
  • Reporting Incident
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedure
  • Telephone Handling and Telephone etiquette
  • Screening of Person and Vehicle by using a Metal detector and Under Vehicle Search Mirror
  • Handle Hazardous Material
  • Patrolling duty
  • Perimeter Security
  • Use of Different Security Equipment
  • Handing-taking of responsibility
  • Key Handling Procedure
  • Response to bomb threat
  • Night Duty Procedure
  • Walkie talkie Communication procedure
  • CCTV control and use of Operational Procedure
  • Different Register Maintenance
  • Corporate Behavior, Manner, and Etiquette
  • Gate Pass and Chalan Management
Security for Industrial Premises

Why chosen ASF - Best Industrial Security Services for your premise :

  • We strictly follow the “Labour law” of Bangladesh.
  • Fully facilitated training centre at Ashulia (21 Acre) and Pabna (05 Acre).
  • Longest training period (28 days) for security personnel in Bangladesh & we have highly professional trainers in our training centres.
  • All of our security personnel are police verified.
  • All security personnel get their monthly salary within 1st day of the month.
  • Employees are motivated as they are entitled with Provident Fund as per provision of labor law.
  • All employees of Aegis are entitled with Gratuity. The amount of gratuity is calculated multiplied by 1.5 for employees serving above 10 years.
  • Security personnel are also entitled with yearly profit share.
  • We issue uniforms (include the ing seasonal attire) to security personnel of Aegis, which is free of cost for individual.
  • Aegis arranges full free accommodation facility along with necessary utility support for all the security personnel.
  • Employees are entitled with Festival Bonus for two major festivals.
  • Employees are facilitated with yearly incentive bonus.
  • Promotion process & declaration of promotion are ensured by 1st day of the year.
  • All security personnel are under the coverage of group term insurance
  • Security posts are under the coverage of liability insurance.
  • We provide 50% subsidy at SQUARE Hospitals treatment for self and family member (spouse, parents, children up to 21 years). All employees are facilitated up to 25% discount offer on purchase of all products from Square Pharmaceuticals.
  • Security personnel ae entitled to purchase Square products at a discounted rate.
  • We ensure systematic recruitment & selection procedure for employees throughout Bangladesh.
  • All security personnel are qualified in unarmed combat, firefighting & work oriented training curriculum
  • We arrange maximum number of skill development training for all security personnel throughout the year.

Aegis has proved itself dependable and trustworthy over last 23 years by ensuring quality services.

Our Factory Security Premium Features

For assurance of quality service, we maintain below mentioned systematic approach:

  • Professional management team
  • 24/7 Control Room & Support Team
  • SMS alert service during emergencies
  • Emergency response team
  • Wireless communication coverage

Factory security guard job duties

Factory security personnel are individuals responsible for maintaining and ensuring the safety and security of a factory or manufacturing facility. They are tasked with monitoring the premises, checking for potential security breaches, and responding to security-related incidents or emergencies. Their duties may include:

  • Conducting regular patrols of the factory floor.
  • Checking employee or workers and visitors identification and keep record.
  • Monitoring security cameras.
  • Responding to alarms or other security alerts.
  • Protect industrial factory equipment
  • Stop crime
  • protect multiple sites
  • Make a check list to regular inspection of all areas of a factory
  • Be prepare to work in a night shift
  • Investigate security incidents and work with law enforcement officials to identify and apprehend suspects.

Importances of Industrial Security Guard Services Bangladesh

Industrial security guards plays vital role for managing sound environment in Bangladesh export processing zone Authority. Additionally, security forces are trained to handle automation and control systems in special economic zone. The key benefits of implementing factory security systems to protect assets and ensure safety in industrial settings, includes:

Protecting assets
Industrial premises often contain valuable equipment, materials, and products that need to be protected from theft, vandalism, and other forms of damage.

Ensuring safety
Industrial environments can be hazardous, and security measures can help to reduce the risk of accidents, fires, and other safety incidents.

Maintaining compliance
Industries are often subject to regulations and standards, and having effective security measures in place can help companies meet these requirements.

Deterring crime
The presence of security personnel and systems can act as a deterrent to potential criminals, reducing the risk of theft, fraud, and other crimes.

Maintaining confidentiality
Industrial facilities often have confidential information that needs to be protected from unauthorized access or exposure.

Enhancing productivity
A secure industrial environment with packaged industrial security solutions can provide a sense of safety for employees. Moreover, helping to boost morale, reduce absenteeism, and increase workers effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide protection to all visitors and workers, protect equipment, stop crime, protect multiple sites, work night shifts, reviewing all areas of a factory, checking in everyone who enters and exits a factory
A factory security guard company is a private security firm that provides security services to factories and protection of industrial facilities.
Factories need security guards to protect their facilities, employees, and assets from theft, vandalism, and other security threats.
As a factory security guard company, we support with various security services, including access control, perimeter security, surveillance, alarm response, and emergency planning.
To choose the right factory security guard company, you should look for a company with experience in providing factory security services, a good reputation, license with certificate and a commitment to quality and customer service.
The cost of hiring a factory security guard company depends on various factors, including the size of the facility, the level of security needed, and the factory's location.
When hiring a factory security guard, you should look for someone who is experienced, well-trained, professional, and able to handle various security situations.
Our factory security guards receive training in various areas, including access control, surveillance, emergency response, and customer service.
We trained our factory security guards to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies, including fires, medical emergencies, and security breaches.In case a fire breaks out, we have trained them in planning like maintaining a checklist for evacuation process; the steps are- sound the alarm, call for emergency services(fire department), evacuate the building, ensure the safe route of the emergency exit door. Additionally, assess the situation, Provide assistance Secure the facility, use of fire protection and detection system, i.e., fire extinguishers.
Depending on local laws and regulations, factory security guards may be permitted to carry weapons.
To contact a factory security guard company, you can search for companies online or ask for recommendations from other factory owners or managers in your area.
Yes. As a private security company, we have skilled industrial security guard along with latest factory security equipments- Access control systems, CCTV cameras, Intrusion detection systems, Fire detection and suppression systems, Perimeter fencing, Security lighting, Panic buttons, Two-way radios, Metal detectors, Vehicle barriers