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Our EVENT SECURITY MANAGEMENT (ESM) has made many of our clients satisfied & successful in completing their events. We have enriched our team with a “Well Trained Traffic Control Unit”, equipped with Signal Lights, Whistles & Megaphones to redirect the vehicles at the venue to avoid any congestion. Furthermore, we have skilled male & female security guards to secure the event by checking the visitors & audience through an “Archway Metal Detector” as well as a “Hand-held Metal Detector”. Strong “Wireless Communication Network & Devices” make us connected to manage a large number of the management team.

Our expert engineering team ensures the CCTV surveillance work properly & the keen eyes of CCTV specialists keep the security measurements in event management in front of the line. We also cover up the “Fire Fighting” & “First Aid” facility to ensure the safety of events, its’ organizers & audiences. All of our department works together to serve the event & make it successful.

event security services bd
Executive protection and escort service

Event Management Services

Our event security officer are well trained with event security management strategy and received courses of security for event management. Our event security management service covers corporate and personal events, including conferences, product launches, private parties, and more. We prioritize safety and security by conducting a comprehensive risk assessment and implementing preventive measures to mitigate potential risks.

Our team of experienced professionals offers planning, logistics support, and execution to ensure that the event proceeds smoothly and efficiently. In case of any incident, our team is trained to provide a quick and efficient response to minimize the impact.

We have adequate resources to handle events of any size and complexity—a team of ex-army personnel is involved with strategic planning, risk, and vulnerability management expertise. You can trust us to prioritize safety and security and ensure your event succeeds. Thus we have established ourselves as the best event security company near you .

  • Advanced Technology:

    Our team utilizes various security equipment for screening like access control systems, metal detectors and scanning systems, and CCTV surveillance systems.

  • Executive Protection

    For high-profile events, executive protection can be provided to ensure the safety of VIPs, celebrities, or politicians. In addition, escort service for brand promoters, artist management teams, and on-site patrolling service.

  • K9 Units

    For screening the event venue and safe access control we provide Dog Squad Service (K-9). K9 units can help detect explosives and other dangerous items before they enter the venue.

  • Threat Assessment

    Threat assessment can help identify potential risks and provide recommendations to mitigate those risks.

  • Emergency Response Planning

    Event security companies can develop emergency response plans, including evacuation plans, communication strategies, and medical response plans.

  • Crowd Control

    Crowd control measures like barricades, designated entry and exit points, and security personnel can help prevent overcrowding and ensure a smooth flow of attendees.

Event Security Services BD in dhaka folk fest management

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

An Emergency Response Team (ERT) was, originally intended to evacuate employees and to fight fires. AEGIS incident response team or emergency response team (ERT) is a group of people (number of guards, supervisor, and security officer and executive according to situation) who used to be prepared for and respond to any emergency incident, such as a natural disaster or an interruption of business operations. Our team is generally composed of specific members designated before an incident occurs, although under certain circumstances the team may be an ad hoc group from AEGIS. The number of personnel required to staff the Emergency Response Team will depend on the size and complexity of the incident.

AEGIS Emergency Response Team (ERT) comprises

  • Composition of specific members
  • Dedicated Vehicle support
  • First aid support by team member

The first person on-scene will typically serve as an individual decision-maker to support the situation until relieved by the main team.

Responsibilities for the first person on-scene include (not limited to):

  • Taking appropriate personal protective measures
  • Notifying Supervisory Personnel and/or Incident team leader of the incident
  • Advising personnel in the area of any potential threat and/or initiating evacuation procedures
  • Eliminate potential ignition sources

Supervisory Personnel responsibilities include (not limited to):

  • Initiate initial response actions if they are the first person on the scene (mentioned above)
  • Restrict access to the incident scene and surrounding area as the situation demands Take any other steps necessary to minimize any threat to health and safety
  • Request medical assistance, if necessary
  • Identify and isolate sources to minimize product loss/further harm
  • Coordinate further response actions with Incident Commander and local responders

The duties of each position may be performed by team leader directly or delegated as the situation demands. We provide emergency support for the instant need of the client. Requirement of Security Personnel depends on the nature of clients need. We can provide support inside Dhaka within 2 Hours and outside Dhaka will be 5 hours.

Event Security Management Importance

Protecting Attendees

The primary goal of event security management is to protect attendees from harm. Large gatherings can be vulnerable to various threats, whether it’s a corporate event, concert, festival, or sporting event. Security measures such as bag checks, metal detectors, and security personnel can help prevent dangerous items from entering the event and ensure attendees feel safe and secure.

Mitigating Risk

Event organizers have a duty of care to their attendees and are responsible for ensuring the initiating of all reasonable steps to mitigate any risks. From event security management plans to assessing potential hazards and implementing appropriate security measures to final reporting in a format. By having a comprehensive event security plan in place, organizers can reduce the likelihood of incidents and minimize the impact of any potential risks.

Preserving Reputation

Incidents at events can quickly spread through social media and news outlets, damaging the event’s Reputation and its organizers. By prioritizing event security management, organizers can demonstrate a commitment to safety and security and protect their Reputation in the event of any incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to crowd management, access control, security patrols, emergency response planning, risk assessment, security guard dog K-9 squad and security consulting.
Our security personnel are highly trained and experienced professionals with law enforcement, military, or private security backgrounds. We also conduct thorough background checks and organize regular event security management training courses to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest security practices.
Our approach to crowd management is to create a safe and secure environment for everyone attending the event. We plan and implement strategies that ensure the crowd's safety while minimizing the risk of any incidents.
We use access control measures such as ID checks, wristbands, and security personnel stationed at entry points to ensure that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas. Additionally we have access barrier management system, metal detector and scanning system, cctv surveillance system, k-9 guard dog squad
We have a comprehensive emergency response plan that includes communication protocols, evacuation procedures, medical response, and contingency planning. As a private security company for event management, we train our security personnel to respond quickly and effectively in emergencies.
Our security personnel are trained to identify and handle disruptive individuals professionally and non-confrontationally. We use verbal de-escalation techniques and, if necessary, physical force to remove disruptive individuals from the premises.
We have trained medical personnel on staff who can respond quickly to any medical emergency. We also have a close relationship with local emergency services to ensure a quick response time if needed.
We have a strict protocol to handle security breaches, including notifying law enforcement and investigating to determine the cause and prevent future violations.
We have a designated lost and found area where attendees can report lost items. Our security personnel are instructed to organize lost and found items securely.
Our pricing structure varies depending on the size and scope of the event. We offer competitive pricing and are happy to provide a detailed quote based on your needs.