Security Equipment

Since 2008, the Equipment Department of AEGIS has been constantly investing and expanding its infrastructure to ensure quality service for our clients with electronic security equipment. The People who need security equipment services near me no longer have to hassle a lot.

Here is a list of security equipment from home automation to industrial security to event management; any organization get confidence to secure premise. Currently AEGIS Equipment Department is providing following Services:

  • CCTV Surveillance System from Campro,3s Vision, BOSCH, Asoni
  • Access Control System from Hundure, Zk Teco, BOSCH
    • RFID, Finger Print Access & Face Detection
    • Time & Attendance
  • Fire Protection System from SFFECO, Bristol
  • Fire Detection System from BOSCH,COOPER
  • GSM Alarm System from Maxkin, BOSCH
  • Parking Management System from Dashou,Vantage, Max, Magnetic Auto Control
  • PA System from BOSCH,AYZO
  • Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) from Vantage, TechIK
  • X-ray Baggage Scanner from Astrophysics,TechIK,Vantage
  • Archway Metal Detector from Garrett, TechIK,MCD
  • Handheld Metal Detector from Garrett, Super scanner
  • Turnstile Gate (TURBO, Magnetic Auto Control, Vantage)
  • Video conference system (Polycon, Vido)

Our Specialty…

  • Latest products from reputed brands
  • Wide range of products
  • Competitive price
  • After sales service
  • Quick response by professional and experienced team
  • Security equipment consultancy

Security Equipment:  CCTV Surveillance System

Implementation of CCTV Surveillance System is not only to support post incident investigation but also a deterrent for outsiders. Our CCTV surveillance system ensures monitoring and reporting of events and threats.
It works on real-time basis by transmitting signal from closed-circuit television (CCTV) to a limited set of monitor. Through constant automated digital screening and filtering, this system can identify and notify operators about potential issues which allows to make quick and informed decisions.

CCTV Surveillance system consist of

  • Standard DVR/NVR/ PC based NVR & server
  • PC Based DVR
  • Speed Dome Camera (with/without audio)
  • Auto Tracking Camera
  • Zoom Camera (PTZ)
  • Spy Camera
  • IR Waterproof camera
  • IP/ Network camera

This system is generally used for below mentioned purposes:

  • Crime prevention
  • Industrial processes
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Transport safety
  • Public events
  • Monitoring of employees
  • Safety at Educational Institutions
  • Security at Home and Corporate Premises
  • Fire detection , face recognition, AI camera

Security Equipment: Access Control System

We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of physical and information security by regulating and restricting unauthorized access to property and resources. The types of access control we provide are:

  • Door Access Control System
  • Access Control with Time Attendance
  • Vehicle Access Control System
  • Road Barriers
  • Turnstile Gates
  • RFID & Biometric System (finger, face, vein)
  • Handheld Metal Detector (HHMD) & Archway Metal Detector
  • Baggage Scanner
  • Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS)
  • Intruder/ Burglar alarm system/ GSM alarm system

Security Equipment: GSM/ Burglar/Intruder Alarm System

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile. Our GSM alarm system consisting wireless mobile communication network and related digital processing technology, is part and parcel of technical security. GSM/ Burglar/Intruder Alarm System is designed to pick on irregular activities/ threats, detect intrusion and unauthorized entry into a building or area. These security alarms are used in several residential, commercial, industrial properties against theft, property damage or for protection against intruders.

The types of sensors available to activate this security system are:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Smoke Sensors
  • Gas Sensors
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Heat Sensors
  • Magnetic Contact Sensors
  • Beam Sensors
  • Line Crossing Camera

Security Equipment: Parking Management

With the rapid development of the global economy and the consistently improving living standard, there has been a growing number of vehicles. For efficient vehicle management, Aegis provide a wide range of products. These are:

  • Parking Barrier
  • Parking Guidance/Management System
  • Electro-mechanical / Hydraulic / Manual Bollards
  • Signage of Parking Areas

Security Equipment: PAVA system (Public Address & Voice Alarm System)

Public Address & Voice Alarm System is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeaker. It increases the apparent volume (loudness) of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music. It allows a person to address a large and noisy place like industry and large buildings as an essential tool to conduct fast and controlled evacuations, giving instructions and reducing panic. It also used for playing advertisements, background music and timed message announcements.

To execute the whole system we use products from brands like – BOSCH, AYZO

Vehicle Scanning (Visual illustration not detection)

Under Vehicle Scanners will provide our service receiver, perfect solution to scan, inspect, and digitally record the underside of vehicles. In today´s world, we are facing increased threat from terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism. To protect ourselves against these threats it is urgent to increase efficient and quality security measures based on modern technology.

Our Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) illustrates explosives, weapons, narcotics and other contraband hidden under vehicles which enables your security staff to perform inspection efficiently.

Why Aegis:

While customers faces lots of issues, we thoroughly notice. Therefore , carefully sorting out problems to get relief from mind hazardless.

1. Expertise:

Aegis has a team of experienced professionals who are well-trained in floor cleaning. Moreover, have the expertise and knowledge to identify the specific requirements of different flooring materials and provide the appropriate cleaning and maintenance techniques. Therefore, we’re promised to implement effective cleaning methods to even damaging to the flooring material.

2. Time-consuming process:

Aegis understands the time constraints customers face. They have a team that works efficiently, utilizing advanced equipment and techniques to reduce the time required for floor cleaning. Customers can have their floors cleaned and maintained without disrupting their daily routines or operations.

3. Inconsistent results:

Aegis is committed to delivering consistent and high-quality results. They have stringent quality control measures to ensure that each project meets the highest standards. By utilizing professional equipment and expertise, Aegis can provide customers with consistently clean, polished, and buffed floors, helping to enhance the overall appearance and cleanliness of the space.

4. specialized equipment

Aegis has invested in advanced and specialized floor cleaning equipment, including industrial-grade scrubbers and polishers. By engaging Aegis, customers can benefit from using this equipment without needing to purchase or rent it themselves. Ensuring that the floors are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently without causing any damage.

5. Safety concerns:

Aegis prioritizes safety throughout the floor cleaning process. They carefully select appropriate cleaning agents and techniques that are eco-friendly and safe for both the environment and occupants. Additionally, Aegis ensures that the floors are properly dried and made safe for use after cleaning, minimizing any potential slip hazards.