Protection Dog Training : K-9 Guard Squad (ASF)

The present dog squad (K-9) of AEGIS comprises nine well-trained German Shepherd dogs. Ex-dog trainers from Remount, Veterinary, and Farms Corps (RVFC) of Bangladesh Army are detailed to handle the dogs for ensuring appropriate training.

Protection Dog Training Techniques: K-9 Dog Squad

Our training techniques are comprehensive and can transform ordinary dogs into vigilant protectors.  Our approach is centered around fostering a strong bond between handler and dog. Resulting in a highly confident and motivated working dog.

What sets our program apart is our commitment to positive reinforcement techniques. Our dog training curriculum focuses on building a strong foundation of obedience, scent detection abilities, alertness, and aggression control. Security dogs use their smelling power to follow the scent of target and catch up a moving object . In dog training classes, we command our- highly intelligent security guard dogs the following activities:

  • Detecting explosives, drugs, firearms, and accelerants.
  • To perform the task of security checks at different national and international event venues
  • Identify hidden or buried substances
  • Search and rescue for lost or trapped people in buildings, vehicles, or other structures.
  • Apprehend suspects and criminals
  • Crowd control to deter potential criminals and reassure the public.
  • Tracking suspects who have fled from a crime scene, to find missing persons, and to track down escaped animals.
 guard dog squad or protection dog training course for security

Security dog training courses: K-9 Squad

The training of the dog starts at the age of six to nine months. The following is the type of training for K–9:

  • Tracker Dog Training
  • Explosives Detection Dog Training
  • Narcotics Detection Dog Training
  • Search Dog Training
  • Guard Dog Training
  • Dogs and handlers are imparted training in disciplines as specified and demanded as per the requirements of their respective departments.
  • The training period can be extended (minimum 12 weeks) if the performance of the dog and/or handler is not found satisfactory at any stage during the course.
  • The inclusion of AEGIS Dog Squad (K-9) has added dimension to ensure absolute security in public events

After satisfactory passing, personal guard and attack dog training program, selected dogs are entered in AEGIS Security Force for protection dog service.